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Multi Lube 7N1 HD is a heavy duty multi-purpose penetrating and lubricating product. Manufactured using a unique overtreat formula, it provides market leading levels of protection.  Available in 500 ml (aerosol can).

Multi Lube 7N1 HD is designed to assist with:

  • Lubricating.
  • Cleaning.
  • Moisture displacement
  • Metal disassembly.
  • Protection of metal on metal surfaces.
  • Corrosion inhibitor.
  • An aerosol version of a “multi tool”.

Multi Lube 7N1 HD provides the following benefits :

  • Customized overdose formulation provides unsurpassed penetrating ability and world class protection to all moving parts.
  • Lubricates and restores smooth action.
  • Displaces moisture out of all electrical and ignition systems and makes it possible to start wet engines.
  • Loosens rusted parts & cleans away scale and dirt.
  • Loosens rusted parts and makes them work again.
  • Stops annoying squeaks.
  • Leaves a thin film that protects metals from corrosion induced by humidity and other corrosive atmospheres.
  • Easy repair by eliminating the need for disassembly.
  • Safe for all metals and alloys.
  • For Eco Friendly requirements please use Vertex Multi Enviro Lube.
  • Multi Lube 7N1 HD penetrates quickly, even into the finest pores and cracks of the surface.

Directions for use:

Hold can 15-20 cm away from surface and spray liberally.
For optimum penetration, leave to soak in before use.
Wipe away excess fluid with clean cloth.
Always test painted surfaces before using for cleaning.

Available in 500 ml aerosol.